This site focuses on employment that will allow time and energy to focus on family and volunteer work. These ideas are also useful if you are still in school.

This site centers on jobs that are:

  • Part-time
  • Temporary
  • Seasonal
  • Work-from-home
  • Flexible Schedule

Employment Options

There are many choices in employment.

A job won’t be all fun. A job is not a hobby. There is a reason they pay you to do it. But, it certainly shouldn’t make you miserable. Take time to find a job that fits your availability, temperament, skills and interests.

In many areas it may be difficult to obtain adequate employment. But, with perseverance, you can find a job that will provide for your necessities while still leaving time to focus on more important things.

Help Each Other

This site is to help each other.  Have you found a job that works for you? Tell us about it! Have you tried other jobs that haven’t worked out? Let us know!

Let us know about your job. If you have had a number of jobs, let us know about all of them. Tell us what worked and what didn’t.

Have you started your own business? Let us know whether it is a good fit for someone wishing to support themselves while focusing on volunteer work.

Help us build the site! Use the forms to interview successful volunteers and add their ideas.

This is not exactly a wiki site.  All of the form results come to me. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. I will make it all presentable.

Supplementary Education

Before you invest time, energy and money in additional education, find out as much as you can about the job. Talk to people employed in this field.  Try to get another job that works in the same environment, so you can see whether it is a good fit for you.

Did you take a class or course that enabled you to focus on volunteer work while still providing financially for you needs? Or, are you still paying off student debt for something that didn’t work out? We want to know about it!

Where to get advice

Listen to other volunteers. Ask questions. How are they supporting themselves? What jobs have they tried?

Make an appointment with a local unemployment councilor. They have realistic information about what are good jobs in your area.

See what options are offered at local schools. But, use good judgement. Many school councilors focus on a University education and a lucrative career. They may try to talk you out of any other goals.

Temp Agencies and Employment Agencies

A great way to find out about jobs is to work for a temp agency.  You get to work in a variety of work settings to see what fits you.