What do you do?
I sell used furniture and antiques at a local farmer’s market.
I started out just selling my own things because I was downsizing.
This gave me a good idea where to sell things, what people would buy and what they would pay for it.
Where I live, there is a monthly farmer’s market. I found it worked best. People at flea markets don’t want to spend hardly anything. I’ve thought about renting a booth in an antique mall.
I reinvest some of what I earn in more inventory. I love to shop!
I run this business:
How many hours a week do you work at your business?
Less than 20 hours a week
Sometimes long hours may be required
When do you work?
Early mornings
How much control do you have over your work schedule?
The one day a month I sell at market, I have a VERY long day. I load up the van the day before. I set up early and I stay as long as the weather permits. If I’ve gone to all the trouble of showing up, I’m the last person there. I printed business cards with my contact information and website on them, then punched a hole in it so that
Could I bring my child or pet to work?
Pets are OK
Babies are OK
Older children are OK
Maybe, it depends on the circumstances
Do you have to own a car?
Work environment
Travel in the local area
Is there a dress code?
How do you dress?
Is this job:
Both Fast-paced and Relaxed
Is this job physically demanding?
Are you on your feet all day?
Do you have to lift heavy things?
Work with just a few people
How much did you have to invest to start this business?
I sold my own things to start.
How long did it take to break even?
Right away.
Job Requirements: What skills does this job require?
I had to learn what people want. I already recognized a copy from an original. I don’t buy or sell anything that is very expensive or valuable.
It is good to know how to repair and recover things. I can take something relatively valueless and sell it for a good markup.
Do you have to go to school to get this job?
This job could be done anywhere.
Used Furniture & Antiques

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