What do/did you do?
Sold watercolors and pencil drawings at art show.

I really do not consider myself an artist. A friend recommended this book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I thought it was about the brain. It’s not. It’s how to draw. I had taken it on vacation, so I bought supplies and did all the lessons and really enjoyed it.
When I went to check the book out again, I was in line behind someone who was there to pay for her booth at an upcoming art show. She did not have it in cash and they would not accept her credit card. A light went on. I paid for the spot and split it with her.
This total stranger was so helpful! She told me of an art store that was having a sidewalk sale. I went down and bought every pre-cut mat they had. I negotiated for a better price. They even gave me boxes full of mis-cut mats from their framing department. I bought more paper and got to work.
It was three weeks till the show. I counted the mats and figured out how many a day to fill them all. I drew everything I knew how to draw, then had a watercolor assembly line. I did a LOT of hibiscus flowers.
I only had early mornings and some evenings. I already had a pretty tight schedule.
I put a bright light under a glass table and started using some of my best drawings as a guide, turning the angle and changing details as I sketched, then painting them in different colors. There were paintings drying everywhere.
I went through every sketch book and matted every sketch of a shadowed sphere, cone and cylinder I had ever drawn. I made creative rainbow streaks with water colors. I cut out good part on the messed up ones and put them on a fresh sheet of paper and matted them.

And I did it. Each one was initialed, wrapped in Saran Wrap and put in the boxes facing forward.

I met her on Thursday. We set up her easy-up canopy. I put a sheet over a folding table. And I went to work. After work, I came to help break down and she had raised all my prices. I nearly sold out in the four days. I gave her the rest to sell for all her help.

She called for the next show, but I was over it.

Advantages and disadvantages of this business
It turned fun into work.
This is just an idea. Thought it might help someone.
I ran this business:
Flexible Schedule
How many hours a week did you work at your business?
Sometimes long hours may be required
When did you work?
Early mornings
How much control did you have over your work schedule?
To create art absolute control.
To set up and sell at a show. Very strict rules.
Could I bring my child or pet to work?
Maybe, it depends on the circumstances
Do you have to own a car?
Work environment
Mostly inside
Is this job:
Both Fast-paced and Relaxed

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