Avon Representative
What do you do?
Sold Avon from door-to-door and at local businesses. People are familiar with Avon.

Avon has more than just makeup. You can also sell good quality jewelry, accessories and clothes. Even foundation garments. All with Avon’s great warranty and easy return policy.

Do you work for a company that provides training materials and company leadership?
Yes. When I started, I got brochures, samples and a booklet with step-by-step directions. I followed them to the letter and I got up every day and worked it like it was a job. I went to meetings and asked everyone there that was successful how they built their customer base and I tried everything.
I run this business:
Flexible Schedule
How many hours a week do you work at your business?
When do you work?
How much control do you have over your work schedule?
I had complete control over my own schedule. If it was yuchy out, I made phone calls.
I wrote down all of the names off the mailboxes near my customers, then looked them up in the phone book and introduced myself, usually to their answering machine. I told them I would be dropping off a brochure in a few days and I would like to call them back to see if there was anything they would like. Don’t worry, everything has a great money back guarantee. I dropped off a brochure from the previous campaign. I could get those for free from the manager. You can still order out of them for a little while.
Could I bring my child or pet to work?
Babies are OK
Older children are OK
More Details
That was the reason I tried selling Avon. I pushed a double stroller with two kids from door-to-door.
Do you have to own a car?
Work environment
Mostly outside
Is there a dress code?
How do you dress?
How do you dress for work?
Anything I bought from Avon was tax deductible. You can buy things early, before they are in the catalog and they are a business expense. Plus, people bought what I was wearing. Any time someone complimented me, I told them that it was on sale! Take a look a everything else in this brochure. Have you ever used Avon shampoo? You will love it! (People always need soap and shampoo.)
Is this job:
How much did you have to invest to start this business?
$10.00 to sign up. They have different deals at different times.
After expenses, about how much money is your business earning?
When I started, I need the rent money in 3 weeks. I figured out exactly how much I had to sell to make the rent. I worked my butt off and didn’t stop until I did it! And then I kept following up and made even more money. Then I had all of those customers, so it took off!
How long did it take to break even?
Well, you don’t have to do much to break even from $10.00
What is your goal for future earnings from this business?
I made enough to support my family and send my husband to college.
Job Requirements: What skills does this job require?
You have to work. You have to be a self-starter.
I was not by nature an out-going friendly person. The booklet had scripts in it and I memorized them. Mostly I listened. I kept very good notes on all of my customers, so I would know when they were going to run out of things. Customers love you when you call them to let them know that the upcoming brochure is going to have their favorite skincare items at the lowest price of the year.
Do you have to go to school to get this job?
What practical skills do you need?
Enjoy talking to people
Good listener
Is Continuing Education required?
This job could be done anywhere.
If you move, it might be difficult finding a new job doing this.
What additional training would help with this job?
If you move, you have to start all over again building a customer base. I did that 4 times. It can be done, but it sure is a lot easier when you don’t have to.
What do you like best about this job?
I liked having a schedule, but being in control of it.
I liked spending so much time with my babies, pushing them in a stroller. Stopping at the park…
Who would you recommend this job to?
This is a great job for new moms. If you walk you get in shape.
If you live where you have to drive, don’t forget to calculate in the cost of gas. Avon has websites now, but you still have to spend a lot of time meeting people.
Avon Representative

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