What do you do?
I repair anything I know how to repair. I put a poster up at the grocery store and an ad in Craig’s List and listed the things I can do.
A lot of time it is just windows that won’t open or bulbs that are too high to reach. I do some painting. Plant things. Move things that are too heavy.
I run this business:
Flexible Schedule
How many hours a week do you work at your business?
Less than 20 hours a week
Sometimes long hours may be required
When do you work?
9:00 to 5:00
Two or three days a week
How much control do you have over your work schedule?
I schedule my own time.
Do you have to own a car?
Work environment
Is there a dress code?
Is this job:
Is this job physically demanding?
Are you on your feet all day?
Do you have to lift heavy things?
Work alone
How much did you have to invest to start this business?
I already had tools and a folding ladder.
After expenses, about how much money is your business earning?
$25 an hour
How do you advertise and market your business?
Business cards, word of mouth, poster in grocery store with pull-off phone numbers, Craig’s List
Job Requirements: What skills does this job require?
If I don’t know how to do it, I tell them.
I have learned to stick to that.
I am afraid to try to fix something and just make it worse.
Do you have to go to school to get this job?
What kind of school teaches this job?
I learned by working with my father.
Do you have to own tools?
Yes. Sometimes I have bought tools if the job paid enough to pay for them.
What previous experience would help?
Work with another handyman as a helper.

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