What do you do?
I worked for an employment agency. I came in for half a day on Thursday and all day Friday to enter all of the hours into a program that wrote the paychecks. The employees either emailed in their hours or dropped by the office to hand them in personally. I also covered for the receptionist while I was there. Some employees picked up their checks in person. I had to get a manager to approve, then print the check, bring it to two people to sign and hand it over.
This job is:
How many hours a week is this job?
Less than 20 hours a week
When do you work?
Two or three days a week
How much control do you have over your work schedule?
No control at all. I came in at 12:00 on Thursday and stayed until the last person left and locked the doors.
I came in at 8:00 on Fridays, as soon as the office opened and stayed as long as they would let me.
Could I bring my child or pet to work?
Not a chance!
Do you have to own a car?
Work environment
Is there a dress code?
How do you dress?
How do you dress for work?
On Thursdays, I put a professional looking jacket over the skirt and tank top I was already wearing for a morning out preaching. Kept my jewelry small.
On Fridays, I wore dressy slacks and a nice blouse or sweater.
Is this job:
Level of Responsibility
High (It is really important that you are there when scheduled. What you do is important and there is no one else to take care of it if you’re not there.)
Work alone
You mostly work independently.
What does this job pay entry level?
More than a receptionist. I made $12.00/hour.
Job Requirements: What skills does this job require?
Not much in this case.
All I did was copy and paste or key in exactly what was written on the hours sheet.
Do you have to go to school to get this job?
Do you have to pass a background test?
Checking for criminal record
Credit check
Security test
Drug test
Is Continuing Education required?
What do you like best about this job?
I saw what everybody was paid.
That made me decide to take a course in Web Design.
Who would you recommend this job to?
This is a very easy, relaxed, low stress job.
I was treated VERY well by everyone. Who doesn’t like the person handing you a check?
I had very little down-time. The only sad part was the pay.

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