Web Designer
What do you do?
Design websites
Register domain names
Set up on-line stores
Provide hosting services
Set up email addresses
Copy writing
Logo design
Social Media marketing
Constant Contact and email marketing
Do you work for a company that provides training materials and company leadership?
I took a night school course.
I worked for some large companies and learned a lot from co-workers.
I continue to read and study all the time.
I run this business:
Flexible Schedule
How many hours a week do you work at your business?
Sometimes long hours may be required
When do you work?
Early mornings
How much control do you have over your work schedule?
To an extent I control when I work.
If I am going to do something that might impact site visitors, I do it late at night or very early in the morning, so fewer people are impacted.
When someone has an emergency, I drop everything and handle it right away. (Yes, there are internet emergencies.)
Could I bring my child or pet to work?
Pets are OK
Babies are OK
Older children are OK
I work from home, with my dogs. I have watched people’s children on occasion. I would not be able to do this if I were working on something complicated.
Do you have to own a car?
Work environment
Is there a dress code?
How do you dress?
Is this job:
Both Fast-paced and Relaxed
Work alone
How much did you have to invest to start this business?
I buy a very good computer. Currently I use Fireworks and Dreamweaver. You can no longer buy them. They are cloud services you pay for by the month.
How long did it take to break even?
I paid off my initial expenses within a month.
How do you advertise and market your business?
Now jobs come from referrals or my website.
I used to directly contact companies that were advertising for an in-house web designer and made a case for me doing it from home.
Job Requirements: What skills does this job require?
Good design sense
Self starter
Do you have to go to school to get this job?
What kind of school teaches this job?
On-line, tech schools
Continuing Education
Personal study to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date
How long do you have to go to school to learn this job?
I took a 9-week night school class. Then I read every book I could find. I used “view code” on websites to see how they did things and recreated them.
Is any kind of Certification available?
Certification is available, but not required.
Do you have to own tools?
You will have to have a good computer.
What previous experience would help?
It would be very useful to first work for a web design company.
Working for any company doing graphics would also be useful.
What practical skills do you need?
Good writer
Good at explaining things
Good listener
Enjoy learning new things
Is Continuing Education required?
This job could be done anywhere.
What additional training would help with this job?
I read about everything I do, including graphics and design.
What do you like best about this job?
I love this job.
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